Totally Off Topic: This Made Me Bawl Like a Wee Girl

Maybe I’m just a sucker for the season. And yes, it is admittedly a brilliant marketing ploy but it somehow manages to restore one’s faith in humanity in a way that a flash dance mob just can’t. And perhaps I’m naive in thinking that with the amount of money the average company spends on the production of a 30 second holiday commercial and media buy in prime time – my husband works in advertising, and while I don’t know exact figures I do know it’s a lot – West Jet has actually put those advertising dollars to good use. And bought themselves an immeasurable amount of goodwill in the process. The fact that they’re a Canadian company just makes me all the more proud.

And as if the video itself wasn’t enough, after watching this I discovered that once this video reaches 200k views they are going to start donating flights to those in need through Ronald McDonald House, a charity that provides a home away from home for the families of seriously ill children who are receiving care in a nearby hospital. There’s not enough Kleenex in the world…

I know what airline I’ll be using the next time I need to fly anywhere. You?


Cyber Monday Free Download Continues!

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