What People are Saying

Here are some of the nice things people are saying about The Chocolate Is The Life.

From Goodreads:

A very well written and engaging book. The characters are rich and very charming. The author has a unique way of drawing you right into the story to the point where you can’t stop reading.

As delicious and decadent as the finest Belgium chocolate, loaded with bittersweet romance, spicy nuggets of humor and a dark, delectable mystery that was impossible to set aside until I’d nibbled up every last crumb! I’ve recently misplaced my Kindle reader and hate reading on my smartphone, but this book captured my interest so strongly that I didn’t even notice I was reading on a teeny tiny screen.

From Amazon:

If you love chocolate and descriptions of chocolate (descriptions that have you tasting the candy ….), get this book. If you love stories that are ‘believable romances’, GET THIS BOOK. It’s a page turner, and I doubt you’ll be able to put it down. I was able to “find myself” in several of the characters and found myself rooting for them.

An entertaining book with romance, mystery and best of all chocolate! Ms. Thomson writes an excellent story about love and friendship where the heroine is both vulnerable and strong. It was a fun read!

I enjoyed the characters and story line. I would like to see a book two with the Henry/Frankie journey.

If you’ve read it yourself and would like to add a review of your own, head on over to GoodReads and have your say!


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